Joseph (Joey) Michael Graceffa, 24 years old, born May 16th 1991 in Boston, Massachussets. As a child, Joey hated his name an
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d constantly wanted to change it. For a week he even made his parents call him Cody. When Joey was really young his parents got a divorce, and for a majority of his life he lived with his mother and his older sister Nicole. As a child Joey loved dancing and listening to music and was a momma's boy. Living in an old, small apartment Joey never had the luxuries most children had when they were young, and growing up with a disability didn't make things any easier. In a video, he opened up about his disability, stating it was due to lead paint poisoning. He also stated that he would often feel embarrassed due to his special education classes. Growing up, Joey's role model was his older sister.Wanting to be like his sister, Joey always played with dolls. Joey was often seen as feminine and weak during his childhood and his cousins made fun of him for this, calling him Joesephina. This hurt Joey emotionally and he hates that name to this day. In school, Joey always hung out with girls because he always felt so out of place around the boys, they'd call him names like "gay", "fag" or a "girl". This made making friends with guys really difficult for Joey for a long time, because boys were so mean to him for years. Joey's mother remarried at this point, and his stepfather had a major infulence on Joey, teaching him that nothing is impossible. At 12 years old Joey's mother started heavily drinkin
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g and soon became an alcoholic, leading to her second divorce, leaving Joey with just his mother and sister once again. Nicole and her mom got into arguments often, leading to Nicole living with her father. Joey's father has always been hard on him growing up, always wanting him to be more of a masculine boy, and didnt like that his only friends were girls. By the time Joey was in 8th grade, his father gave up trying to change him and grew to accept his son. Joey loved acting and was the star in the school play when he was in 9th grade. When Joey was 15, his mother and stepfather got back together, his mom sobered up for 2 years and they had another baby named Jet, his younger brother, who is affected by autism and cannot speak verbally. In Joey's first year of highschool, he met a girl named Britney Joyal and they became best friends. At 16 they made a Youtube channel called WinterSpringPro, they were realy successful and began to get paid to make videos. Joey was denied entry into his dream college, Emerson. With a crushed heart Joey went to the state college and was unhappy there. Joey droped out at 19 and he traveled across the U.S to Hollywood with Britney to follow his dreams and escape his mother, who had began drinking heavily once again. Joey made friends quickily out in L.A. he met people like Luke Conard, Ingrid Nilsen, and Sawyer Hartman. Joey eventually quit WinterSpringPro and began his own channel, which has grown to be very succesful and he's even gone on The Amazing Race with his friend Meghan Camerena from Strawburry17 and is in the process of making hs own web series, StoryTellers, after moving in and out with Britney, then Anthony Padilla and his fiance Kalel Cullen, Joey currently lives with his best friend, Sawyer Hartman.[1]But now in the year of 2013 Joey Gracceffa is a youtube star all around the world with more than 2,000,000 subscribers.



In July 2013, Joey opened a Kickstarter account to see if he can raise enough money to create a horror series with Michael Gallagher and Whitney Milam. For donations, he'd give out prizes such as autographs, posters, shoutouts, merchandise, and even a trip to Disneyland with yours truley. Unfortunately, Joey didn't hit his 100,000 dollar mark and didn't recive the money so he ended up starting a new petition on a different site and did get the money, Joey has revealed his cast in pictures, through his videos and Instagram account and has started filming in August, and Storytellers is set to debut on December 22 for the first episode which introduces Hunter's story. You can also get tickets for a meet and greet and screening of Storytellers in January if you didn't get the tickets the first time around now.


  • "May the odds be ever in your favor!" - End of every video
  • "Well hello there everyone!"
  • "Satsuki, drink up."
  • "Rude and disrespectful!!"
  • "Oh my goodness GRACIONIOUS!"
  • "#CRAY!"
  • "Beautifullllll for spacious skies!"
  • "-anya" -suffix
  • shootity shoot damn shoot
  • Good Day! Everyone


  • Joey used to be a part of the YouTube channel WinterSpringPro with another YouTuber Brittany Joyal (Now goes under the YouTube name HeyBrittany).
  • Joey and Meghan are not the first YouTubers to go on the Amazing Race. Kevin Wu AKA kevjumba was the first YouTuber to go on and he and his dad, Michael, finished in 7th place in the 17th season.
  • He loves grilled chicken.
  • He works with 
  • His favorite store is Whole Foods. He also likes Target but was a former fan of WalMart(He got kicked out of WalMart once for making a fake fall video in the store and it's on WinterSpringPro).
  • He used to work in Abercrombie & Fitch.
  • His favorite cologne is "Fierce" by Abercrombie & Fitch
  • He is dyslexic.
  • Joey's closest friends are Luke, Ingrid, Tyler, Sawyer, Cat, Meghan, Kalel, Jim, Tanya, Shane, and many more! 
  • He is currently dating Daniel Preda, as he is homosexual(gay). 
  • Named his car Satsuki after his favorite animated Japanese movie "Totoro".Satsuki is one of the main characters. 
  • Named his shark plush toy "SharkeeB"
  • He loves Totoro. 
  • He proposed to Totoro on's Pop Wars.
  • Joey loves Anime in general. 
  • He loves cosplaying. 
  • Does his "Grandfather" and "Child" voice from time to time.
  • Adds "-anya" to certain words, i.e. "eggy-anya" "horsey-anya"
  • He is partnered with Alloy Digital.
  • His fans are called "GrandChildren" and "Psychopaths"
  • He is good friends with Shane Dawson, even shipping himself with Shane as "Shoey" 
  • JOEY loves animals
  • he loves mahita and niki