The Haunted House 

One Halloween night, Joey and Sawyer went trick or treating. It was a rainy night, the rain falling onto benches. "Okay. This is the last house, right?" Joey asked Sawyer. "Yep. It's the lasty-last house Joey." Sawyer said. "Don't say that ever again. Alright Sawyer? " Sawyer nodded.

      "Hey, dude. I dare you to go into the haunted house over there."Sawyer said to Joey. "I dare YOU to go WITH me." Joey said mocking Sawyer. "Fine " Sawyer groaned. The boys approached the house on the right. "Joey. This is creeepy. This is just like,1000% creepy. I mean, look at the hung woman and all those spider webs. It i---" "I know Sawyer!" Joey screamed.
    The boys now entered the house and 
    had chills go down their spines. There was  cold breeze in there flying across their faces. There was a woman in the corner crying. She was crying a substance. A BLACK substance.
     "OH NUH UH! NOPE, NOPE!" Sawyer yelled. "Shhhh! Your gonna make the woman over there come at us!". Sawyer turned around to leave and the doors shut closed and locked Joey and Sawyer in.